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A free inclusive community for our podcast listeners and curious individuals interested in healing and awakening. Connect with like-minded people on the same journey from around the world!

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How it all started

Every year, Courtney and Laura would leave behind their corporate jobs and western comforts to study eastern practices in India. People from all over the world would meet and create a community, learning from, and supporting each other while pondering things like: How do I break this cycle? How do I heal these childhood patterns? How do I face my shadows so they no longer control my waking life?

Over time, they realized there was no need to uproot themselves in order to experience self-discovery. They envisioned a domestic circle of support, which inspired them to create an online platform where people interested in the POI podcast topics, courses, and offerings had a space for interacting, asking questions, and exchanging resources.    


What can I expect from this Circle?

This is a space for our fellow seekers, travelers, and friends to learn, share resources, find inspiration and meet like-minded people. Our common interest is becoming our own sovereignty. This happens by using self-awareness and tools for self-healing to break patterns, awaken and transmit that quality of awareness into the world around us. Please use the Points of Illumination podcast for inspiration on conversation topics. 

While we encourage topics related to positive experiences, we also welcome and support more difficult conversations, provided that the discussion adheres to our guidelines. 

We ask that if you find yourself strongly disagreeing with a post or comment, you first check-in with yourself. Is this an opportunity to be an observer and learn something new? To engage respectfully and express your point of view? If neither feels applicable and you suspect the post to be in violation one the guidelines, then please report it.

Please read and become familiar with the rules and guidelines before participating in this group. 

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“If you possess enough courage to speak out what you are, you will find you are not alone.”

- Richard Wright

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Please let us know your favorite online platforms for interacting and connecting with others. We are exploring various possibilities for the future.

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