Nervous System 101

for an Awakened Life


A life-changing course for
understanding and working
with your own mind and body



A VITAL self-study virtual training course!

This is a 6-module program to give you tools and understanding around working with your nervous system, which can help with anxiety, overthinking, and emotional overload.

Our intention for this course is to provide you with hands-on practical information and tools to live a more healthier, awakened life.

This course is for you if you want to:


✓ Feel more present, more in your body, more resilient, and more able to respond to life as it unfolds.

✓ Learn how to work with your own body sensations.

✓ Acquire body-based tools to support yourself and others.

✓ Understand basic brain science and nervous system information.

✓ Incorporate specific movement practices and somatic explorations into your life.


The nervous system holds the keys to our mental and physical health

Today, most people’s nerves are severely neglected—creating anxiety, immune suppression, indigestion and so many more issues.  

This six-module course is created to help you learn how to witness, and down-regulate your nervous system, cultivate powerful self-care tools that last you throughout your lifetime and heal stored trauma.

After finishing this course, you’ll have nervous system understanding, breathwork practices and lots of tools to give yourself the support you need to reprogram your system with empowering beliefs and feelings.

You'll walk away from this course with practical tools, a better understanding of your internal body sensations and day-to-day practices that work to balance the nervous system


Cultivate greater presence and responsiveness



Learn how to build more nervous system regulation in your day-to-day life



Understand the 3 branches of the autonomic nervous system and how they function



Acquire enjoyable and practical body-based tools to incorporate into your life


Explore ideas for variations of practices while working in different settings with clients or students


Why would I want to work with my nervous system?

Understanding my own nervous system has been the most life-changing thing that has ever happened to me. 


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➢ The nervous system regulates nearly every other system in the body—your endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and even your mental health.

➢ It works like a recording device, holding onto old patterns that can either help you feel more aligned, or more anxious.

➢ A healthy nervous system leads to better sleep, digestion, improved cognitive abilities and a relaxed, empowered demeanor—basically you can do less and receive more.

➢ This system holds all of your beliefs—limiting, empowering and the like. When you know how to take care of it, you can program it with the feelings that you want while learning how to make space for the emotions that may feel more difficult.

➢ An unhealed system makes decisions based on old traumas and fears. A healthy, regulated system moves from an aligned place with ease, knowing that it’s taken care of no matter what. In other words, you’re living in your heart rather than your head (the home turf of anxiety, depression, etc.).

What this course includes

Video & audio content: lessons, guided practices & useful tools

All the material will be available from Day 1, but our suggestion is to take one module per week to allow time for integration and a better understanding of the material. This work is deep! Use the journal prompts to guide you into exploring even deeper.

Additional resources

Each module includes additional resources: podcast episodes, books, YouTube videos and interviews, and more, to help you better understand the concepts and see how they apply in day-to-day life.

Customer Support

Amazing customer support so you know you are always taken care of. If you have any questions send us an email and we will reply to you within 3 business days.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Access to the course from any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet). You can do it at your own pace, taking the time you need to. Once completed, the material will be available to you for reinforcement or review.

✨ Add-ons 

Coaching calls

For $200 extra you get a 60-min coaching call with Courtney, where you can bring personal questions and work through your nervous system blocks with a specialist. 

This is your opportunity to bring questions, to be coached on, get guidance on your personal journey and feel supported on a 1 on 1 basis. We are here for you, we want you to feel safe, connected and supported.

Personalized voice messages

For $25 extra you get upgraded support! Reach out to us at any point during the course to ask us a question and you will receive a personalized voice message response.



My resting heart rate has always been kind of normal but compared to last year at this time. I was really shocked to notice in the last couple of weeks my average resting heart rate daily has dropped nearly 20 beats per minute. I'm attributing being aware of my nervous system and using some of the strategies I learned [...] as a reason for this to drop.

-Stephanie Bortolot

Teachings about meditation and the nervous system were so valuable that will stay with me forever. I can recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn new tools and techniques on how to work with the mind in a safe community.


-Anikó Sipos

The description of the nervous system ladder was so helpful. I taught the concept to my husband, which helped me solidify the information. Now I can see (sometimes) when I am in a more calm and relaxed state and how the breathing is helping me to move to the top of the ladder.

-Johanna Crossett


Your hosts for this course will be Courtney and Laura, the co-founders of Points of Illumination! 


Courtney (on the right) will be the primary instructor. Working with and learning about the nervous system is one of her (many) passions. Her experience comes from working with her own dysregulated nervous system. She suffered from anxiety for most of her life and assumed that chronic anxiety was a ‘normal’ part of life. 

When she discovered yoga in her early 20’s she finally found a way to temporarily ‘turn off’ the anxiety. It was through years of curiosity and self observation that she started to notice patterns in her physiology and see her own nervous system wiring. 

Her nursing background has helped her to understand the body from an anatomical perspective; however, it has been through the work of Irene Lyon and Peter Levine that she came to know the nervous system on a deeper level and see her body, life and reactions in a completely different light. 


Laura (on the left) will be your secondary instructor. She has over a decade of experience as a practitioner, student and teacher of yoga & meditation. Laura’s passion comes from working with her own body and mind and witnessing the impact it has had in her life and relationships. 

She holds a large variety of tools for healing and soothing the body and mind, aka the nervous system, which she will share on this course. Her calm voice and practical techniques will surely bring you back into your body. 


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