Points of Illumination Mind Academy

A Powerful Step-by-Step Method for: Strengthening the mind, Understanding your nervous system & Reprogramming outdated thought loops. 

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Points of Illumination Mind Academy™

A Powerful Step-by-Step Method for Strengthening the Mind, Understanding your Nervous System & Reprogramming Outdated Thought Loops. 

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When the Mind is Calm, the Vision is Clear

Our intention in creating this method is to provide you with a clearer window into yourself and to give you tools for how to tap into your own mental powers and self-healing abilities. The deeper we know ourselves, the more clearly we can see and know the world around us and the less reactionary we become. 

Mind Academy is for beginners and experienced meditators.

There are 3 main components to Mind Academy: 

  • The first component is a meditation technique, which includes, breathing, body focus, and mental focus. Through our method, you will learn to work with your mind to access deeper parts of the brain and build greater awareness and calm in the mind and body.
  • The second component is learning to understand and work with your nervous system. The more we can tap into understanding our own nervous system, the more self-healing and overall awareness takes place. 
  • The third component is learning the art of reprogramming outdated thought loops in the mind. This will come after we have spent some time learning to calm the mind, body, and nervous system. This becomes the art of manifestation. We are creating and manifesting all the time, it is best done when we have clarity of mind and direction.

Mind Academy in a nutshell

A 3-Month program to support you in:

  • Developing and/or strengthening a regular meditation practice
  • Identifying the shadows of your mind and learning to work with and integrate them.
  • Understanding how to work with your nervous system and how a regulated nervous system balances the mind and body
  • Reprogramming unproductive mental patterns that keep us stuck in the same limiting beliefs that block us from creating the life we want
  • Learning the art of visualization and manifestation 
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We begin January 8th, 2022


Laura and Courtney will be your guides on this journey.

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 There are 2 options of payments: a one-time payment of $360 or $120 a month for 3 months. 

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Once we see the Mind clearly, we become Free

Do you experience...

  • Stress or overwhelm over day-to-day situations
  • Anxiety symptoms or chronic anxiety
  • Difficulty focusing and remaining  present
  • Desire to understand the impact of my nervous system on my health
  • Struggle to feel my body and/or my emotions fully, feelings of disconnection
  • Cant’ seem to create the life I want
  • Wanting to improve my relationships with family, partner, friends, colleagues
  • A feeling that there's something missing in my life
  • Negative self-talk and judgment towards others or myself
  • Mental exhaustion, wanting to check out
  • Feelings of irritability and lack of tolerance towards others
  • Wanting/trying to start a regular meditation practice for a while but it won’t stick

Mind Academy is for you if any of the above resonated. 

» We have been there «


It has taken us years of teaching and practical experience to realize the methods that we bring together in  Mind Academy.   

We have been meditating for a long time, but it hasn’t always been easy. Over the years, we have studied and practiced a variety of techniques, but noticed that our meditation practice was not evolving. We noticed our practice was lacking depth and there were little to no transformative effects. It wasn’t until we started learning how to work with our own vital energy (aka nervous system) that this started to change. 

We would witness ourselves in different states but didn’t know how to work with our racing minds, emotions, unsettled energy, and choppy breathing. It took years of trial and error to figure out how to calm our own system and change our brain waves to a lower frequency to access deeper brain capacity. 

As meditation teachers, we noticed that some people have difficulty sitting still (we attribute this to having an over-activated nervous system), whereas some others tend to fall asleep easily (ie, defaulting to a frozen response of the nervous system). This can make students feel like they are not ‘succeeding’ at meditation, which then becomes frustrating and demotivating

We realized that teaching people how to work and witness with their own energy is a big part of learning how to meditate. Only then can we have the clarity to recognize unproductive states of the mind and direct our energy towards a more quiet state. This state is where the power to transform our lives resides.

Through these observations and our personal practice, we’ve learned that we first need to check in with the state of our own nervous system and then calm the mind. By slowing down the brain waves into a theta state, which is a meditative state, we access deeper parts of the brain and gain the true benefits of meditation. 

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All this, and much much more, is waiting for you in Mind Academy. 





The Meditation Component:

✔ Reduces Stress

A regular meditation practice, practiced consistently, over time, can help significantly reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm.


✔ Increases Focus

Regular meditation can increase focus and decrease the wandering mind. This helps with clarity in decision making and attention.


✔ Improves Sleep

Research shows that a regular meditation practice can help with slowing down and quieting the mind to enhance deeper sounder sleep. 

✔ Heightened Mood

Meditation doesn't take difficult emotions away (be wary of anything that promises this) but it gives us a greater capacity to feel these emotions without reacting to them. 

✔ Increased Creativity

To be creative is the ability to observe, notice, and attend to phenomena that pass your mind’s eye. Read: presence. Meditation helps us understand and become more present. 



✔ Enhanced Memory

Meditation helps the brain enter different brainwave states, which affects the neuroplasticity of the brain, or in layman's terms, the brain's ability to change. This allows a greater capacity to remember and incorporate new information. 


✔ Emotional Balance

Emotions need to be processed and digested just like we process and digest food. Regular meditation gives the body, mind, and nervous system a chance to process and integrate emotions. Leading to greater emotional balance. 


✔ Greater Self-Awareness

Meditation may help you develop a stronger understanding of yourself, helping you grow into your best self. We learn to watch and observe our habits and through this gain a greater insight and understanding into our habits and patterns. 


The Nervous System Component 

✔ Understand how to work with your own nervous system 

The nervous system is our fight, flight and freeze response. It protects during dangerous situations, but we are not designed to have it activated in a regular day-to-day basis. We can't meditate when we are in a highly energized state. You will learn how to gently access and work with your own energy to more easily bring you into a state of calm.

✔ Learn about sensations and the nervous system 

The nervous system is deeply affected by emotions, it's also designed to feel and process all emotions, even the ones we have dubbed "difficult". You will start to witness how different emotions affect your physiology. We are not looking to change the emotion we are experiencing, but to identify the impact they hold in our bodies and work towards finding balance. 

✔ Irrational fears, resistance, and procrastination are all tied to the nervous system

Learn how to gently walk yourself through fear. Fear doesn't go away and most of what we are looking for in life is on the other side of fear. To move through fear takes a strong nervous system. A strong nervous system is developed with regular mindful practices that, over time, will make us more resilient to withhold challenging times.

The Reprogramming Component

✔ Reprogram outdated thought loops

We take action from our subconscious mind, not our conscious mind. Whatever is looping in your mind like judgments, negative self-talk, wanting to control, etc. are likely stemming from childhood and is still running your behavior patterns. This component digs in and starts to bring awareness to and help eliminate these limiting loops.


✔ Get clear on the direction of your life and move in that direction

We are all manifesting all day, consciously or unconsciously. In this part of our program, we get conscious about what we are manifesting and start to move in the direction of creating it. We use different techniques like visualization and manifestation to help you achieve the life of your dreams!


✔ Work with the shadows in your mind

Shadow work is looking at all the tough thought patterns that are holding us back. Shadow work is not a place we necessarily want to go to consciously, but once we learn how to access it safely it is deeply rewarding. As we start to integrate different layers of our shadows, they have less control over us and we start to step into a newfound confidence. 

What people are saying:

Course Outline

Module 1 - Foundations

We start with meditation basics exploring different techniques to help you develop a daily practice.

Module 2 - Building a practice

This module builds on foundations and we further explore the 3 main layers of the body: physical, mental, and emotional. 

Module 3 - Nervous System

We learn basics about the nervous system and how it's tied to meditation and the brain. This helps us see how the body and mind are linked. 

Module 4 - Understanding our own nervous system patterns

Witnessing and working with our own nervous system patterning.  We start to feel our own vital energy (aka the nervous system) and learn to recognize its different states and start to notice how they affect the brain.

Module 5 - Reprogramming

Learning about different brain waves and how to access the subconscious mind to reprogram outdated thought loops. Reprogramming is deeply healing and it works with the neuroplasticity of the brain to help us respond in a less conditioned manner. 

Module 6 - Shadow and Manifestation

Taking a look at your mental shadows. What is holding you back? Manifesting and moving your life and energy into the life you envision. 

Your course includes:

12 Weeks of Content

Every week you will be learning / exploring / integrating the elements of Mind Academy. 

Content will be released progressively as you start integrating the learning material. 

Upon completion, the course will be available to you until year-end for reinforcement or review.

Live Calls with Courtney and Laura

Monthly Q&A / Coaching video calls with your guides.

This is your opportunity to bring questions, to be coached on, ask questions, connect with others and develop deeper integration of the program.

Each of the 3 live calls will be recorded and uploaded on the platform for continued viewing and integration.

A Private Group Gathering Place

We can’t go it alone. This community space is to support your development as you start to shift your mind and mental habits. As transformation starts to happen it’s important to have support as you go through this journey with like minded souls. This will be a place to be witnessed, share your insights, and ask for support. 

We have a built-in community page so all members of the program can connect, provide encouragement and share stories along the way. Note: the community page is NOT on Facebook.

Videos, reading materials, recorded audio exercises and journaling prompts

Every month you will be learning, exploring and integrating the elements of the program through a variety of material.

The purpose is to strengthen your mind, become more embodied (read: more in touch with your inner guidance), work through mental shadows and blocks, and begin to direct the ship of your life in the direction you desire with conscious clarity.

Customer Support

Amazing customer support so you know you are always taken care of.

Access Anywhere

Access to the course from any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet).

Bonuses and Add-ons!

✦ Downloadable guided meditations + reprogramming audios, so you can keep practicing after the course completion.

✦ For an extra fee, you will receive a personalized voice recording explaining your astrological elements and how to best work with them throughout the program. This was a favorite in our last course!

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Mind Academy is for you if:

  • You’ve tried meditating but the practice won't stick

  • You are unsure if you are doing it right

  • You want to take meditation a step further and access deeper parts of your mind

  • You’re interested in the healing benefits that go along with meditation such as learning to work with your nervous system

  • You're interested in the art of creative visualization and manifestation
  • You crave an open and kind community of people doing the work side-by-side


Ready to get started?

There are 2 options of payments: a one-time payment of $360 or $120 a month for 3 months. 

Tuition assistance available for those in need. Email us: [email protected]

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