by co-Founders Courtney Sanborn & Laura García

Why Points of Illumination?


For years, Laura and Courtney would leave behind their corporate jobs and western comforts to study eastern practices in India. 

Their initial quest was that of mere exploration; however, once they embarked on this journey of self-discovery, a tremendous amount of healing started to take place. They would return west and see large shifts in their lives. Things that had once irritated or disturbed them no longer seemed to be of bother. Relationships with friends and family members were gentler and more accepting.

The deeper they looked into themselves, the more they were able to help others and the more peace they found in their own lives. As long-term students and teachers with a passion and curiosity around healing and spirituality, they knew that helping others in search of self-awakening and healing would be their life's work.

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection."

-Bhagavad Gita

A little bit about us



Courtney’s insatiable curiosity and energy found her living all over the globe and working in many career fields. She studied nursing and sociology in college and spent time working in hospice.

She has worked in higher education communications and spent time in Washington, DC, and Alaska working as a legislative liaison. Because no single job seemed to fulfill all her interests, she turned to entrepreneurship, founding and operating small businesses in tourism, which she found to be challenging and fun.

However, her heart lay in the world of wellness and functional new age practices. The more meditation, yoga, and personal healing she engaged in, the more she excelled in her professional life.

She had long envisioned creating a source for healing and wellness, catering to working professionals that could utilize her years of training and personal experience.

Courtney loves building community and connecting people from all over the world. Outside of POI, she works as a healer, teacher and astrologer. She has spent over a decade traveling the world and the latter years of it studying eastern practices. In the last 5 years, she’s spent an accumulated 50 days in silent meditation.

She is the visionary, creative, and gas pedal of POI. She works best after a good night's sleep and loves cooking, movement, and learning. 



Since she was a child, Laura has always excelled in school. Her accounting and finance background has led her to work in renowned companies from Mexico to London.

From a young age, she always found herself in a fast-paced life and enjoyed it. She felt accomplished and successful, but somewhere in her heart knew this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable; deep down she longed for a slower, more reflective life.

She eventually had an epiphany and decided to leave her job in investment banking and take a 6-month trip to India, which completely changed her life.

She never went back to her corporate job; instead, she pursued eastern philosophy and teachings deeper while traveling and working remotely as a Yoga Teacher and Course Coordinator for a London-based yoga school. This gave her the freedom to deeply explore yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices, and integrate them into her life.

Her main purpose when sharing these teachings with the world is putting together the tools she has acquired along the way and translating them into the world of practicality. The intersection where magic and pragmatism meet is what speaks to her.

She is the chief organizer, creative and financial guru of POI. She works best when well fed, and loves perfecting and beautifying projects.

For Points Of Illumination, we draw from over a decade in India studying with yoga teachers, pranayama teachers, and spiritual teachers, in the traditional form that passes down information from teacher to student.

Though we incorporate the teachings of renowned western practitioners such as Paul & Suzee Grilley, David & Shelley Swenson, Ashtanga Yoga Paris, The Yoga People, Marci & Rolf, and Swami Devageet, the heart of what we teach derives from our three primary teachers in India: 

B. Naga Kumar, our spiritual teacher, taught us the power of emotional healing, how to find and work with our own personal power, and deep energy work; B.N.S Iyengar, the 98-year-old legend we sat with for months learning pranayama and mudras; and Ajay Kumar, our yoga asana teacher, whose fiery spirit forged in us the discipline of body and mind, helped us to heal our nervous systems, and taught us to bend ourselves in ways we didn't think were possible.  

-To all of our teachers, we humbly bow to you with the deepest gratitude -

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